Synextile our values

Textile synergy

Five autonomous textile firm joined in skills pole, use successfully industrial and commercial complementarities.

As a specialist in its field, each member designs, creates, manufactures and distributes worldwide a range of products by giving its customers the best service and advice possible.

In order to face globalization, those companies work together with a synergy spirit for more reactivity and competitiveness.


Intend to create a strong network

Thanks to our complementarities of know-how, organization and culture, Synextile members are building industrial and commercial synergies. Each company shares its ideas, information and skills inside the network.


Believe in medium-sized companies’ flexibility

Inside Synexile, each company is autonomous in order to give to its customers quick and innovative solutions. Each firm is specialist able to give a full service to its customers and meet their expectations in all the countries they are based in.


Manage to share projects

By gathering ideas, capabilities, skills, Synexile members are increasing the network energy and sharing mutual projects. This industrial and commercial partnership is enabling those companies to pool their collaborators’ skills into an innovative brainstorming.